I haven’t realized yet that I’m gone

The plane is taking off and I have that feeling that happens when it is elevating to the sky. I can feel it in myy stomach, chest and head, and in those 30 seconds in which you can not move from the seat, I saw myself with a sense of tranquility.

I had several farewells in which the only thing I wanted was to be surrounded by the people I love and care. I wanted to gather all their good vibes and take them as luggage. Oh! How much love, how much joy and how much energy I am able to feel!

I even messed up (unintentionally) my cell phone.

So I thought “Well, if you had to start from scratch, so it will be.”

And I got on the plane to realize that it was the first time I was traveling on my own.

I got off the plane and my friend Gina was already in Bogotá, waiting for me so we can both go to Cartagena.

I’M IN CARTAGENA! And I still haven’t realized that. I am surprised of how calm and happy I feel.

Day 1:

The heat is overwhelming, but my emotions are calm. The first thing I do is assemble my bicycle and realize that I need to inflate the tires. We walk a bit through the historic center and at night, boom, rolling through the main neighborhoods for which I will be walking these weeks.

Day 2:

I know how to move from Gina’s house to the historic center. And everything in Cartagena is close, but hey, the world is closer by bike.

* How wonderful is the Caribbean Sea.

Day 3:

Habbits come with me, so in any part of the world where I am, I will always have “Fixed Wednesday” to ride my bike.

Day 4:

Sometimes when I walk through Getsemani I feel like I’m in Barranco. I still do not realize that I have left. And the mosquitoes just realized my existence.

Day 5:

-When are you coming back?

-I do not know (and a smile is outlined on my face)

Everything is new and familiar at the same time, and I only feel emotion. I even stopped listening to my playlist on spotify to listen to the sounds of Cartagena (and I do not miss them).



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